Jun 26Dressing the Part or What to Wear/What not to Wear

Every woman I know (and most men) has experienced moments of looking in to her closet and declaring she has nothing to wear. It’s an exaggeration, of course, but sometimes there is a germ of truth lurking beneath the blanket statement; there is nothing to wear that is appropriate, or flattering, or wrinkle-free. When I open the closet doors every morning, I can see the quantity of clothes, but it is challenging to find ones that strike the right balance between I’m working from home and I’m working from home.

In theory, I love the luxury of being able to wear anything, from work out clothes (as if!) to a business suit, depending on what I’ve got planned. But I tend to take the easy way out most mornings, reach for the first thing in the closet, and end up feeling like a schlub. Today is a good example. Granted, Gary is away and Sara had school, so the morning was a bit chaotic, but I am wearing jeans and a black sweater. Not horrible, but nothing that wows me when I look in the mirror, or makes me feel great about myself as I sit here typing. Basically nothing that makes me feel professional.

For some reason, unless I have a meeting, I steer away from the black pants. Maybe because they were part of the “uniform” when I lived in the corporate world? And dresses or skirts with tights in the winter? Forgettaboutit, they tend to hang untouched. So out of habit, most mornings, I go for the jeans. Which in and of itself is not horrible – in this day and age jeans can be dressed up, down or sideways. But it is bad when I am just putting on clothes, any clothes, instead of finding something that – to paraphrase Tim Gunn – makes it work.

Some mornings, I put something on and think – yes! Good outfit! I feel put together, sort of stylish even, and that definitely affects my mind set going in to the day. And I am not the only one who notices; on those days, I frequently get asked by Gary, or the sitter, and increasingly even by Sara – where you going? do you have a meeting? So why aren’t I dressing like that every day? If something doesn’t meet that Yes! criteria, why is it even still part of my wardrobe?

They say “clothes make the man”, that you should “dress for success”, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Well I HAVE the job I want, but I DO need to work on the dressing part. A stylist would be great, to come and put together a “look book” of outfits that meet my feel good/work from home criteria. But short of that, not sure I have the stamina on my own to do a the type of radical closetectomy/outfit putting together that is required for consistent dressing wins each morning.

Any other work from home moms (or anyone really!) have this issue? Any great solutions?