Jun 26The Preschool Breakfast Dance

We have a pretty good morning routine. Sara typically wakes up between 7 and 7:30, we bring her up to our room where she drinks some milk, reads and plays while we take turns showering and getting ready. Whoever showers first gets her dressed, and we all reconvene in the kitchen around 8:30. Coffee gets made, our sitter arrives, Gary leaves, and at some point between 8:45 and 9:15 Sara has breakfast.


If she’s hungry.

I don’t force it, and if she doesn’t eat much I don’t stress, since I know she’s not going to waste away from skipping one meal. And the rest of the time, Sara is a great eater. Plus, she can always have a snack mid-morning. I myself am not a big breakfast eater, and am not often hungry first thing, so I get where she’s coming from.

But since September she’s been going to school two mornings a week, and on those days I find myself trying desperately to get something, anything in her belly lest she faint from hunger right in the middle of circle time. Rationally, I know that will not happen. I know they have a snack mid-day. I know intellectually that maybe if one morning she does indeed become ravenous at a time when she can’t demand a snack that she will then consent to breakfast the following day.

Knowing and doing of course, are not the same. So I find myself trying all sorts of “tricks” to get her to eat. First I experimented with different foods. Smoothies – let’s drink our breakfast! Special muffins! Sitting at the island instead of the table! These things worked, occasionally, but not consistently. Enter the iphone. (I know, cue the dark dramatic music). IF she is checking out one of her apps on the iphone, sitting at the counter, I can usually put a plate of something next to her and she will eat it.

Is this wrong? It’s not like she’s watching Real Toddlers of Beverly Hills: it’s either an educational game or PBS’s Sprout. But I know it’s a slippery slope that I’ve started down, all in the interest of getting a few cups of sustenance inside of her. Is it worth it? Anyone have any other ideas?