Jun 26Kumquats, no Bananas

Occasionally in the mornings we give Sara a treat and let her watch Elmo’s World, especially if either Gary or I have left early and the other one needs to occupy her so they can get dressed. Today was one of those mornings, and after snuggling with her for a few minutes listening to Elmo impart the joys of water, I slid out from under the sheets and in to the bathroom, not giving Elmo or the rest of the Sesame Street gang another thought.

Four hours later Sara bursts through the front door after a morning at the park, and starts rambling something I can’t quite grasp. Sara speaks extremely well for a two year old, but there are definitely times she resorts so “Sarese” and it takes a few tries to figure it out. As I’m listening, it slowly dawns on me that she is saying “kumquats.” Yes, kumquats. A word I have probably uttered out loud less than five times in my life, and certainly never in the time that Sara has been alive. I mean, I’ve had them before, but never gave them any thought, never bought them, never anything with them.

But here is my daughter bouncing around the kitchen laughing saying “kumquats, no, bananas.” I ask where she heard about kumquats.

“Telly on Elmo. Kumquats, no bananas.” Cue hysterical laughter.

I rack my brain, but am still coming up empty, an so push it a little further. “What color are kumquats?” I ask.

“”Yellow” she says, without a second’s hesitation.

“Kumquats mommy, kumquats, buy me kumquats. I NEED kumquats.”

Usually she “needs” things like ice cream and cookies, so I definitely wanted to encourage this new found -albeit likely temporary – obsession with a small little obscure fruit. So off we go to the local store, with me still trying to figure out how kumquats made a cameo on Sesame Street, but also with me quite concerned that we might not find any once we got there. Is it kumquat season? Is there a kumquat season? And how exactly do you eat one – I had only had them in dishes, never on their own.

After much searching in the produce aisle we did, thankfully, find a box of yellowy orange oval kumquats. At home Sara took a bite, and pronounced it good, but tart, very tart.

And as she proceeded to take about one bite from several of these tiny fruits, I did finally solve the mystery of where this kumquat knowledge originated. On Sesame Street, just before the closing credits, they sometimes have Telly talking with a girl about eating fruit. She is deaf, so is using her hands to tell him which one she wants. He mistakenly thinks she is asking for kumquat, but no, her peeling motion really shows she wants a banana!
So I guess it’s hats off to Sesame Street for introducing Sara to the kumquat. Now, I just need to figure out what I am going to do with the rest of the box ….