Jun 26As A Parent, Doing Something Right

Yesterday we had some friends over for lunch. Well not so much as our friends, but friends of Sara’s – twins- and their parents. We’ve met the parents several times, but only in big group settings like birthday parties, and thought it would be nice to get to know them a little better, and for the kids to have a play date. All three take a gym class together on Sunday mornings, so the timing worked too.

While Gary took Sara to gym, I finished getting the lunch ready, and at the last minute decided to make some chips from a bunch of kale in the fridge. Not only did I want to use it before it went bad, but I figured it would take the edge off everyone’s hunger before we sat down to lunch. They came out of the oven just as the crew was coming in the door.

“Kale chips!” exclaimed Sara, running to grab some from the bowl. The twins did the same, and within seconds all three had kale crumbs strewn about their faces and shirts. You would have thought I had offered ice cream. When we sat, I deigned to put the bowl in the middle of the table. “No,” said Sara, “that is for the kids, put it down here.”

Now, they were just as excited by the cookies that were proffered as dessert, but I have to say, all of the adults definitely had a moment of sheer pride. We must be doing something right, if all of our kids not only ate kale chips, but were excited about it!

What’s next  -brussell sprouts? turnips? Oh wait, she loves those too.