About Me

I am a mom and entrepreneur, juggling both from my home in Brooklyn.

Like most moms, and certainly most entrepreneurs, my brain runs mainly on warp speed, in the same second mulling over what to make for dinner, what emails I need to return and how I would handle the current world crisis. Slightly harried, I divide my days between work, where I strive to achieve professional and creative success with remnants of breakfast embedded in my hair, and raising a two year old, where I try to live in the moment and put work out of my mind.

I care passionately about several things:

  • Raising a healthy, happy, self assured child who is a good and at least a little bit adventurous eater
  • Creating a life for myself that has the right balance of work and home, so I can feel good about both aspects AND still have energy left over for my husband and myself
  • Finding ways to ensure that ALL children in the U.S. are afforded the opportunity to experience good, authentic, healthy food on a regular basis (not that I don’t care about kids abroad, but I do realize we all have our limits and must prioritize)
  • Coming up with new ideas for businesses, products, services – even before I was a mom I did this all the time, now I see things through an additional lens which gives me even more fodder for ideas
  • Helping people bring their ideas to fruition

Previously, I held more traditional jobs in marketing, strategy and event management at Saveur magazine, Share Our Strength and AOL. I got dressed up, went to an office, and returned home after dark. Now I work from home, wear whatever I want, and take breaks to have lunch with my daughter. It’s the best of both worlds, but also the worst. My definition of success has changed, and I definitely shoulder the brunt of the “house chores” since I am physically here.

Over the past couple of years I’ve met a lot of women like me, a Work From Home Mom (WFHM), some who worked from home before they had kids, some who didn’t start until after their babies were born. And most seem to struggle with the same issues. This blog will hopefully be a place for me to share my story, talk about the things I care about (see above), and for others to join the discussion as well.

Happy reading!

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