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Ode to Tina Fey

Posted on: May 3rd, 2011 by Cori

Tina Fey rocks. I know, I know, I am probably the 10 millionth member of the Tina Fey fan club, but just because there are so many of us doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take a few minutes to pay homage. We all know the obvious; she’s smart, funny, and attractive all in a NORMAL way. Meaning no size zero with a 36DD chest and butt length blond hair Barbie doll looks. Meaning what many of us imagine/wish we’d be like if we’d be famous. Meaning a great example of someone who is crafting a life that includes a fulfilling career and home life, but who struggles like the rest of us to get it all done.

I just finished reading Bossypants, and not only is it inspiring in the “wow how she got to be where she is story” way, but she also manages to share quite a few gems of advice with us mere mortals. Three of these such pearls of wisdom I think are worthy of passing along:

Ms. Fey honed her craft in the world of improv, where she said she learned the value of “yes, and …” When presented with a situation, instead of saying no or shutting down, say YES, AND …. In improv this is how you build on a scene. In life, it’s the same. It’s about not being afraid to contribute, and it’s about being open.

She also talks about making statements vs asking questions. If you are always questioning, and never declaring, then you are just relying on others to fix problems and deal with situations. Make statements, be unapologetic, and don’t rely on others to sort out your own stuff.

And one that I need to really take to heart is “don’t over think.” She says about Saturday Night Live, “the show doesn’t go on because it’s ready, it goes on because it’s 11:30.” Do what you can to make things great, but when it’s time to let go, LET GO. And start fresh the next day. You can’t let fear of being perfect prevent you from ever closing the deal.

As a woman, and a parent, and someone who has their own business, I’m hoping I can keep all of these tidbits in mind as I go through my day. Hope you find them helpful as well.